An INNOMED stakeholders meeting was organized by the Italian partners (CNR-ISAFOM and POLIMI) on May 17th 2018 at the Bonis catchment case-study, in the Calabria region (southern Italy). The stakeholders meeting was attended by two leading institutions in the region, the Multi-Risk Functional Centre of the Regional Agency for Environment Protection of the Calabria region and the Basin Authority of Calabria.

Short summary of workshop activities

The activities have been divided in three steps. First there was a plenary session with three presentations. In the first presentation Dr. Tommaso Caloiero presented the INNOMED Project, also identifying the challenges to be addressed. In the second presentation Dr. Gaetano Pellicone illustrated the experimental basin and the monitoring activities which have been or are going to be made. Finally, Dr. Giovanni Ravazzani described the modelling activities with reference to current and innovative options and scenarios.Ā After this plenary session all the participants moved to the closing section of the experimental basin where they had the opportunity to see the basin and its forest and to analyse part of the instrumentation which will be used in the project. In the third step of the activities there was another plenary session in which the stakeholders expressed their suggestions on the ongoing activities of the project.

Short summary of outcomes and results

The stakeholders gave some useful suggestion on the improvement of the instrumentation and on possible options/scenarios which can be addressed in the modelling activities.